At Northshore Homeschooling and Tutoring Center our passion is to encourage and inspire young individuals while teaching the importance of learning and succeeding in a healthy and positive learning environment. Our program is perfect for families who would like to homeschool but need a little help and support in the process.

Northshore HTC, is a ten-month curriculum program. Students attend sessions three or four days a week. They have modified amounts of work to complete during sessions. Our program covers Reading, English, Spelling, Vocabulary, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Spanish and electives. The students have a daily routine to follow, making things less stressful which creates more successful students. The small groups allow for teacher-student interaction, peer interaction, social growth, along with academic success.

We begin by identifying any weaknesses, focusing on filling the gaps, and building on student strengths. Students with special needs or accommodations work on their ability levels to assure academic growth and success.

Our homeschooling program is flexible, with the option of a full or part-time program depending on the needs of the parents and students.

We also offer tutoring services in all subjects (including Spanish, Reading and etc.) for students of all ages.


Meet Our Director

Welcome! My name is Susan Willie and I am the Director of Northshore Homeschooling and Tutoring Center, LLC. I am an Honors-Cum Laude Graduate from Southeastern Louisiana University.

My passion started when I began teaching all levels of Spanish. Now with 30+ years of experience in education, I have created Northshore HTC to provide families with a healthy and positive learning environment for their children. I oversee to provide an individualized learning plan for each child to ensure they succeed.